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Performing Arts
Collaborative exhibitions, funding offers 1.

2019-2023 Samuse Piano Ensemble is planning performances
in collaboration with the Chungbuk Cultural Foundation, Youth Microphone, The Breath Yoga Meditation Convergence, Music Project Hwarak,Gugak Convergence Art Project, and Visiting Culture Concert Channel. 
They will also have a main performance at the Malaysia World Culture Festival in 1969.

Sejong Foundation for Cultural Affairs continues to engage in diverse activities, including organizing performances for the Saturday Arts Program.

Performing Arts
Collaborative exhibitions, funding offers 2.

In both 2021 and 2022, we collaborated with enterprises to create art exhibitions and performances. Our partnerships resulted in two engaging showcases:

Hooray for a Thousand Years, a media art exhibit at Incheon Airport in
2021, and Girl's Tears, a media art exhibit at Hanam Starfield and various other locations in 2022.

Produce events for national government agencies and corporations

Hwarock organized The 2023 Children's Cultural Property Drawing  
Contest held at the Gyeonggi-do Museum, where the contestant demonstrated their talents.

Furthermore, we have extensive experiences in event planning including those at Chungbuk Cultural Foundation and Korea National Institutes of Health.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2023-06-25-22-38-54 001.jpeg

Artist agencies

From 2021 to present, we presented recitals featuring pianist Soochan Kim and collaborated on exhibitions with the media artist Tian. 

Our agency, Hwarak Project, has also sustained its operations by establishing partnerships with diverse artists for the creation of artworks.

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