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In 2018, a music student launched 'Hwarock Arts',

a project that originated

from music performances and evolved into a series of self-initiated events, art exhibitions, and cultural investment planning.

We aim to collaborate with others and share the boundless potentials of art.




Current - Representative of Hwarak Arts Planning,

Registered and Member of Korea Artists Association


2018 - Postmodern, Kyung Hee University

2015-Practical Music Major, Baekseok University of the Arts


-for korea

2023 Gyeonggi-do Museum Festival Event Planning Director

2022 Incheon Airport Foreign Ministry Collaboration Media Art Painting Exhibition Director

2022 Gyeonggi-do Hanam Starfield Invited Artist Exhibition Representative Artist Tian Directing

2022 Seoul Cheonggyecheon Invited Artist Exhibition Directed by Representative Artist Tian

2021 Appeared on Chungbuk MBC Radio's Where the Music is

2021 Directed Kim Soo-chan Pianist Performance

2021 Samuse Piano Ensemble performance planning and season commentary lecture directing

2021 Selected as the second half of Chungbuk Cultural Foundation Youth Microphone - 2021

2021 The Breath Yoga Meditation Fusion Music Project Team Planning and Composing

2018-2020 Hwarak Gugak Convergence Art Project Planning

2020 Visiting Culture Concert Channel 1969 Piano Performance

2019 Performed at the Sejong Culture Foundation's Saturday Arts Road

2014 Selected as an artist by Seoul City Hall


-for others

2021 Beijing Media Art Exhibition, China Directed by representative artist Tian

2019 Malaysia World Culture Festival Main Performance

'Hwarock Arts' aims to

foster ongoing cultural development through the

continuous improvement of culture.

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